Make a statement with a Baumatic retro fridge

Published: 25th March 2010
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If you love the look of the 1960s kitchen your home simply won't be complete without a retro fridge. Perhaps the most well known of these stylish appliances is Smeg, however don't limit yourself to this brand as there are several alternatives.

Baumatic, for example, manufacturers a beautiful range of retro fridges and fridge freezers with soft curves and silver handles.

The Baumatic RETRO12BL fridge is a freestanding full height model. It stands at a very impressive 146.5cm high and will easily become the focal point in a contemporary kitchen. The robust models are favoured by many families as they offer an element of individuality to what might otherwise be a fairly standard looking appliance.

On the other hand, if you're worried your Baumatic retro fridge may appear garish or out of place amongst your other, more contemporary appliances, fear not. Retro appliances don't look out of place in a modern kitchen, they simply add more character and flair to a room.

The Baumatic RETRO12BL isn't just a pretty appliance, it is functional too. Despite its retro appearance the fridge comes complete with a very modern energy rating of A+. This ensures your fridge will run very efficiently, costing you less in energy bills.

This retro fridge comes in a choice of back or ivory, so you're free to choose your appliance depending upon the design and colour scheme of your kitchen.

The Baumatic retro fridge has a capacity of 250 litres so it would suit a large family's needs, even catering for the whole weekly shop. Plus, the fridge also contains a frozen food compartment so if you need easy access to frozen groceries you can just place them in this dedicated area. This is a particularly useful function for storing party foods, or small quantities of food if your main freezer is located in a garage or outhouse.

The fridge also has an intelligent auto defrost feature to prevent the build up of ice on the cooling element. This means the fridge is able to run at its optimum capacity at all times as ice build up around the cooling element means the fridge requires more energy to run normally, thus keeping your food fresh.

The Baumatic RETRO12BL has four shelves on which to store your food, they are made out of safety glass so they don't shatter when broken, reducing the risk of cutting yourself on shards of glass. This is good if you have young children in your household as accidents can happen.

Baumatic retro fridges are an asset to any kitchen, modern or classic - just make sure you measure up first, to ensure you can fit your appliance in.

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